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Welcome everybody. In the last years, different fields of knowledge like Biology, Medicine, Astronomy, Material Science or even Gastronomy have undertaken a “molecularization” process in their fields. This has allowed to find new answers and to achieve goals that before remained unmet. This molecular revolution, is the next logic step in the history of science, and sets Chemistry as a key player between basic and applied knowledge. Its not rare anymore to listen to well-known cooks, like Ferran Adria, talking about concepts and techniques previously seen just in a chemical lab e.g. liquid nitrogen, boiling and melting points or pressure. The media also cover major news from the nanotechnology world that will allow us a much more precise but also more complex control over our bodies and technologies.

Physiology and pathology are separated by the life we live, but sometimes, even a healthy person falls sick. We can’t handle it, but certainly, we can reduce the risk; there is a direct relationship between our lifestyle and our health,  “we are what we eat”, so knowing the chemistry involved in both, medicine and nutrition will allow us know and control much more deeper our bodies and our lives.  As the two times Nobel prize laureate Linus Pauling said, “nearly all disease can be traced to a nutritional deficiency.”


This blog will try to give a molecular explanation to nutrition advice given by your doctors or other sources; for instance, why to avoid trans and saturated fats, refined foods, antioxidants,… in between science and general interests, I will try to explain some basics about Chemistry and Physiopathology, filling the gap that common blogs leave. This blog does not substitute medical advice, it is aimed to anybody who worries about his and his relatives health, to any science lover with a curious mind, that would like to understand the relationship between what we eat and our health, trying to explain everything to the deepest we can, the molecular level.

I hope you will enjoy reading as much as I do researching and writing every post.

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